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Cabri 3D v2, a simple and comprehensive software to understand 3D geometry in the classroom.

BETT Awards 2007 Winner

Discover Cabri 3D interactive gallery.

Cabri II Plus

New: Cabri II Plus on-line training module.
60 mn of free videos.

CABRIworld 2014
CABRIworld & IberoCABRI 2014

After São Paulo (1999), Montréal (2001) & Roma (2004), 4th edition of the Cabriworld conference is co-hosted this year with Congress IberoCabri.
Venue: University of Medellín in Colombia
Time: 8, 9 and 10 October 2014

Cabri has one of the highest densities of users in Colombia and is remarkably integrated into the teaching of science and math in many Colombian schools.

Medellín has grown into a major city and is known as City of Eternal Spring.
It is now one of the safest and most enjoyable cities in South America and is only a one-hour flight from Bogotá.

Logo CabriWorld Cuarta Edición

CabriWorld Marrakech is postponed to a next edition.
4th edition of Cabriworld to be held in Medellín in Colombia from October 8 to 10.

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Inserted in MS Word, Powerpoint documents or on the Internet, your figures stay interactive and can be freely manipulated thanks to the new Cabri II Plus plug-in.

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