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Bett Awards

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Logo BETT Awards 2007 Winner

Awarding Creative and Innovative Products for Learners

The annual prestigious BETT Awards ceremony was held in London on January 10th, 2007 to recognise outstanding education sector products and learning solutions.

69 Judges and 8 moderators were selected on the basis of their expertise in a range of educational settings mirroring the scope of the 11 BETT Awards categories. They reviewed all 340 entries based on criteria including design, cost-effectiveness, support of higher order skills and effective learning and teaching styles. The technical criteria against which the awards were judged focused on the robustness and accuracy of each product, and its accessibility for those with specific needs.

210 products were selected after these reviews and 49 of them where nominated to be one of the eleven BETT Awards winners

Cabri 3D won the 2007 BETT Award in the Digital Content: Secondary (Core Subjects) category.

For more information on the BETT Awards: and to see each winner of the 11 categories, follow the link “Winners 2007”.

For more information on Cabri 3D, see Cabri 3D product page.

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