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Licenses and prices

Cabri 3D v2 packaging Cabri II Plus packaging

How to get Cabri products?

You can get Cabri II Plus and Cabri 3D directly from Cabrilog or from one of our distributors.

If you want to purchase directly from Cabrilog:

122 avenue du Vercors
38600 Fontaine

Tel: 04 76 43 97 00 (+33 476 43 97 00)
Fax: 04 76 86 17 90 (+33 476 86 17 90)

You can download, fill and send us the following order form:

If you want to know about the distributor network:
please go to the distributors page.

Description of the different versions

  Cabri II Plus
Boxed set
Cabri II Plus
Cabri II Plus
Cabri 3D v2
Boxed set
Cabri 3D v2
Boxed set Yes - - Yes -
CD-Rom Yes - Yes Yes -
Physical user manual Yes - - Yes -
Electronic user manual (PDF) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Please visit our online store to get information on licenses prices, or consult your local distributor.


Individual license:
the software is available only on one computer.

Classroom license:
the software can be installed and used in up to 10 computers from the same address and establishment.

School license:
The software can be installed and used on an unlimited number of computers within the same school and with the same address. Please contact us if you have multiple addresses for one school. The school license is unlimited. It allows a maximum of 10 teachers per establishment to use the software on their personal computers and for professional purposes.

Student license:
Students from a school holding an School licence can apply for a CD-ROM student license.  To apply the student must show proof (copy of the bill) of the school's licence.

Updates / Special offers:
A copy of the original license order form must be attached when requesting any licence updates (single user, 2-10 users, unlimited) ! Cabri II Plus users can get Cabri 3D for a special price. Special packages containing both software are also available.

If you are buying for personal use please do not forget to send a cheque along with your order form (in Euros and to the order of Cabrilog).

The use of Cabri’s software is done under the following licensing contract:
PDF format file:

Download Adobe Reader

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