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Exploring 2-dimensional space with Cabri Geometry ® II

J. Vincent

Level: upper secondary school students and teachers. Comprises 54 worksheets and 11 problem solving tasks designed to enrich the mathematical experiences of students through the dynamic Cabri Geometry ® environment..

Mathematical Association of Victoria - Australia >

Teaching Mathematics with ICT

A. Oldknow, R. Taylor

This book tackles the fundamental questions of how ICT can enrich and extend pupils curricular learning. It guides the reader through each major area of mathematics and considers all the major pedagogical issues involved in using ICT. The accompanying CD-Rom enables the reader to try out many of the programs mentioned in the text.

Continuum Books - London - UK >
Chartwell Yorke - Bolton- England >

92 Geometric Explorations on the TI-92

M. Keyton

This book provides a variety of student activities using Geometry on the TI-92. Activities ranging from preliminary discovery of basic theorems typically seen in a high school course to advanced explorations show students exciting geometric results.

The activities are arranged in a logical sequence for a high school syllabus, but are not in the order of any specific textbook. They have been designed as independent of each other as possible. Thus, you can reorder them to fit any sequence.

Cabrilog >
Texas Instruments >

Active Geometry

A superb collection of 17 files and over 100 student activity worksheets in electronic form for adaption and photocopying. They can be used with a whole class focus with just one computer in the classroom, or for students working individually or in small groups at a computer. No previous knowledge of technical construction is required. Windows and Mac versions are supplied.

Cabrilog >
Chartwell Yorke - Bolton- England >

Using Cabri Geometry II in Key Stage 3

J. Jackson

These excellent photocopiable Cabri activities cover all school geometry required in the UK Key Stage 3 framework for years 7, 8 and 9. Introduction: Getting Started; Geometrical reasoning: lines, angles and shapes; Geometrical reasoning: properties of circles; Transformations; Construction and loci; Cabri activities mapped to objectives from the KS3 framework.

Chartwell Yorke - Bolton- England >

Discovering Geometry with a Computer: using Cabri-Geometre

H. Schumann, D. Green

The book begins with an introduction to Cabri Géomètre software and suggests activities of interest to users of software. It covers in depth:
- Learning geometry through interactive construction - Creating macros - Discovering theorems - Loci - Symmetry - Geometrical microworld design - Isoperimetric problems - Transformations - Twenty problems to investigate. Associated with the book is a disk (MS-DOS or Macintosh formats) containing over 400 Cabri-Geometre figures.

Chartwell Yorke - Bolton- England >

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