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Cabri 3D v2

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Evaluation version

Cabri 3D v2 evaluation version offers complete features for 30 days from installation. Once the 30 days period has expired it will operate in restricted mode (15mn sessions, save, print and copy/paste unavailable).

Mac OS
10.3 and above
Cabri 3D v2 2.1.2 (40.9 Mb) Cabri 3D v2 2.1.5 (47 Mb)

Available in: English (eng), French (fre), Spanish (spa), Italian (ita), German (deu), Polish (pol), Portuguese (por), Chinese (zho), Korean (kor), Vietnamese (vie), Japanese (jpn), Dutch (nld), Norwegian (nob & nno), Danish (dan), Czech (ces), Slovak (slk), Bosnian (bos), Greek (gre).
Download extra languages here: Turkish (tur)


Thanks to the plug-in you can visualize and manipulate Cabri 3D figures published in web pages or Microsoft Office documents (Word, PowerPoint, ...).


Internet Explorer / Firefox
Mac OS
10.3 and above
Firefox / (Safari < 5.1)
Plug-in v2 2.1.2 (4 Mb)
Plug-in v2 2.1.2 (13.4 Mb)


Your version Obtain Cost How ?
Cabri 3D 1.x Cabri 3D v2 2.x starting at 20€
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Cabri 3D 1.x Cabri 3D 1.2.1 free Windows: 1.2.1 (10 Mb)
Mac OS: 1.2.1 (14 Mb)
Cabri 3D v2 2.x Cabri 3D v2 2.1.2 free Windows: v2 2.1.2 (40.9 Mb)
Mac OS: v2 2.1.2 (47 Mb)

Manuals / Examples / Tutorials

Cabri 3D tutorials are designed to help you discover the possibilities of Cabri 3D. Those tutorials are created with Macromedia Flash. The .zip archives available for download include an help file for the installation of Macromedia Flash Player.

  Manuals - PDF Examples - ZIP Tutorials - ZIP
English (UK) v2 2.1.2 v2 2.1.2 Download (42 Mb)
English (US) v2 2.1.2 v2 2.1.2
Bosnian v2 2.1.2 v2 2.1.2  
Chinese (simplified) v2 2.1.2 v2 2.1.2  
Czech   v2 2.1.2  
Danish v2 2.1.2 v2 2.1.2  
Dutch   v2 2.1.2  
French v2 2.1.2 v2 2.1.2 Download (41 Mb)
German v2 2.1.2 v2 2.1.2  
Greek v2 2.1.2 v2 2.1.2  
Hungarian v2 2.1.2 v2 2.1.2  
Italian v2 2.1.2 v2 2.1.2  
Portuguese v2 2.1.2 v2 2.1.2  
Portuguese (BR) v2 2.1.2 v2 2.1.2  
Polish v2 2.1.2 v2 2.1.2  
Slovak v2 2.1.2 v2 2.1.2  
Spanish v2 2.1.2 v2 2.1.2 Download (40 Mb)
Vietnamese v2 2.1.2 v2 2.1.2  

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