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Cabri on Interactive white Boards

Cabri II Plus and Cabri 3D v2 are accredited and recommended as the leading interactive and intuitive tools for mathematics learning on interactive white boards by the top three makers.


The new StarBoard is «Cabri Ready»

The European collaboration Hitachi-Cabrilog: a step beyond to optimize the development of ICT for education.

Today, all Hitachi’s interactive boards running the StarBoard Software 7.0 are Cabri Ready.

Cabri Ready includes functionalities that make Cabri much easier to use on Hitachi’s StarBoards.

More information on this collaboration on Hitachi's website.

Cabri Ready Hitachi Approved


Cabri on ActivBoard

Cabri software are «enabled» on Activeboard as they provide increased usability on Promethean white boards and they enhance whole class or group teaching with additional tools or greater interactivity.

logo Promethean

Smart Technologies

Cabri on SMARTBoard

SMART Technologies accredited Cabri as «Ready» in America for a better teaching and learning of mathematics in the classroom on interactive boards.

logo Smart

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