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Cabri strengths

Why choose dynamic mathematical software?

Visualization of concepts

Students construct, explore their constructions, reflect and then deduce mathematical properties:

Students more easily grasp concepts through observation, reflection and deduction.

Interactive and dynamic

Students explore mathematics in an active and interactive way. A geometrical figure or an equation on the Cabri screen becomes an object to manipulate. Students do not simply recognize the shape of a square; they can also verify that even if a vertex is moved, the four sides remain congruent and the angles right.

Time saved

Technological tools facilitate the construction of figures in less time than using traditional construction techniques. Teachers and students can then take advantage of studying and learning mathematical properties. With Cabri, students solve problems posed by the teacher on their own, step-by-step. The software creates interest and stimulates reasoning.

Cabri, the only dynamic educational software designed for students

Why choose Cabri over other programs?


The technique of making a construction with Cabri is similar to what we do with a paper, pencil, eraser, ruler, and compass. Cabri’s tools allow students to construct simply, using up to 10 times fewer clicks than with other software.

Precision and reliability

While other software can derail the class by producing mathematically incorrect results, Cabri computes calculations accurately and creates precise figures.


Inviting, intuitive and interactive interfaces:

Feedback from users states that the simplicity of Cabri means there is no hassle in teaching and learning mathematics.

Educational and pedagogical contribution

Developed by educators, mathematicians and ergonomic specialists, Cabri software was designed as much for learning as for teaching.

Step-by-step, students find solutions on their owns to problems posed by teachers. The software creates interest and stimulates reasoning.

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