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Cabri II Plus

New Cabri II Plus 1.4

How to energize/dynamize your classroom using the new Cabri and its built-in Assistant?

Why a new version 1.4 of Cabri II Plus? We felt it was important to ease the accessibility of Cabri, since it is more than ever considered as the World reference pedagogical solution for math learning thanks to its unique ready-to-teach tools both designed for students and teachers.

Here are the main novelties:

Say Hello to the Cabri Assistant

Thanks to the new built-in assistant discover the full pedagogical power of Cabri II Plus! Unleash it in your classroom right away. It comes with videos to get started and with more than 60 ready-to-teach activities for your classroom. The assistant guides you for instance on doing algebra, trigonometry, coordinate geometry, data exploration...

One-click publishing

Cabri II Plus 1.4 Export Menu

Cabri II Plus on the Internet and in MS Office

With the new Plug-in for Cabri II Plus (both PC and Mac), you can insert full Cabri II Plus construction files in a Word or PowerPoint document as well as in an Internet page (html format). Then, the visitor on the web can visualize the Cabri II Plus files and manipulate objects, even if they do not have a Cabri II Plus license.

Cabri made free for students

The new license Cabri II Plus School + Students is now available. This license includes one unlimited site license for the school + individual one year licenses for the students who can extend their Cabri experience at home. Ask your Cabri distributor or directly Cabrilog for details

Unique features to the Mac version

This software includes all the PC functionalities but also unique features specificitic to the Mac: better display (antialiasing), richer text edition based on Apple standards, optimisation for the new Mac computers (i.e. Intel processors), backward compatible (ex. Power PC processors with OS 10.4 or higher)...

And last but not the least, get this upgrade for free.

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