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Cabrilog, supporting mathematics and science education

About us

Cabrilog was founded in 2000 by Jean-Marie Laborde, the inventor of the first software of dynamic mathematics, and Max Marcadet.

The company designs, develops and distributes digital teaching resources and applications dedicated to mathematics (algebra, geometry, trigonometry).

Cabri solution support students and education workers from primary to secondary school levels.

Cabrilog’s goal is to improve the quality of learning by creating tools that enhance the fun of teaching and the fun of learning. We think digital resources and app make it possible.

Three fields of expertise

To achieve this aim, the activities are the subject of reflection based on several fields of expertise:

  • Didactics: didactical engineering and pedagogical design of digital resources for learning mathematics,
  • Development: design of highly interactive engines 2D and 3D mathematical;
  • Ergonomics:  user-centred interfaces.

Cabri solutions fit perfectly with:

For students,

active, simple and interactive, due to resources which motivate students to learn by being less abstract, more experimental and interactive

For teachers,

flexibility, extensibility and freedom to make teaching choices, tools which help the teacher to concentrate on teaching by simplifying class preparation and assessment of students’ work, new opportunities to encourage students to enter the world of mathematics

Learn science through music? Discover the European project in which Cabrilog is actively working: iMuSciCa.

Cabrilog Effective software and resources

The effectiveness of this didactic support has been highlighted by many studies. Of most note is a study which makes a connection between the results from the national testing of Spanish students and the use of Cabri application and resources. The study shows a 30% improvement in results compared to students who do not use Cabri application or resources.

Learn more here.

Cabrilog was also awarded the BETT Award for Best Resource in the “Secondary Primary Materials” category for its Cabri 3D solution in 2007.

Recognized for Pedagogical interest by the French Ministry of Education since 2010, Cabri software today has more than 200 million users worldwide, having a well deserved place internationally in education.

Proactively, Cabrilog is involved in innovative projects, more particularly with text-book publishers (McGraw Hill, Pearson), online learning platform (NetEduc, Number Stories) and Ministries of Education (French Ministry of Education, Chile Ministry of Education, Japan, Ministry of Education etc.)

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A word from Cabrilog

“From the start, Cabri has been developed in direct collaboration with practising teachers, for the realities of today’s teaching environment both for them and their students.

The aim of Cabri is to support students in their deep understanding of mathematics. The dynamic functionality of Cabri improves exploration, experimentation and resolution of problems. Cabri uses direct manipulation which helps understanding much more than abstract formulae. Mathematics becomes more realistic to students.

As always, solutions from Cabri excel in their ease of use, mathematical quality and pedagogical value.

Most notably, Cabri software as an incredibly long lifespan based on intense research, development and experimentation. This is contrary to the regular appearance and quick disappearance of less valuable educational resources in education.

More than ever with the pervasive deployment of various computing devices such as tablets both in class and at home, it is evident that modern, well developed and practical teaching solutions aimed at improving teaching using the latest technologies and methods is key to success.

The importance of mathematics to culture and the economy is greatly recognized in France and the world over. The principle motivation at Cabrilog is to provide environments that make the learning and teaching of mathematics available to everyone.”

Colette Laborde, Director of Pedagogy at Cabrilog University lecturer (Didactics of mathematics)

Discover Cabri solution

Cabri 3D

The software that makes the 3rd dimension easily accessible to teachers as well as high school and college students.

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Cabri II Plus

The most used interactive mathematics software in the world by middle & high school teachers.

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People love Cabri

“If someone tells me I have to stop using Cabri, I would actually have to ask them what else is there ? Because there is nothing better than Cabri.

Testimonial, Geometry teacher, Canada

“Cabri is at the center of my research activities. It is a mine of questions for educational instruction. I currently use it to involve students in work that is more than just copying demonstrations.”

Sophie Soury-Lavergne, Lecturer and Professor at IUFM France
“After having worked with Cabri, I am always disappointed by using other dynamic geometry software especially from the instructional point of view: Cabri is by far the easiest to teach and it is also the software that makes students forget they’re even doing mathematics.”
Pierre Frachebourg, High School Mathematics Teacher, Switzerland
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