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Digital resources in mathematics improve quality of learning. This is why Cabrilog, an expert in digital education, has been developing and deploying mathematical solutions since 2000 with the guiding principle of “doing so to learn“.

Cabrilog’s solutions are aimed at both students and educators.

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Cabri 3D

The software that makes the 3rd dimension easily accessible to teachers as well as high school and college students.

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Cabri II Plus

The most used interactive mathematics software in the world by middle & high school teachers.

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People love Cabri

“If someone tells me I have to stop using Cabri, I would actually have to ask them what else is there ? Because there is nothing better than Cabri.

Testimonial, Geometry teacher, Canada

“Cabri is at the center of my research activities. It is a mine of questions for educational instruction. I currently use it to involve students in work that is more than just copying demonstrations.”

Sophie Soury-Lavergne, Lecturer and Professor at IUFM France
“After having worked with Cabri, I am always disappointed by using other dynamic geometry software especially from the instructional point of view: Cabri is by far the easiest to teach and it is also the software that makes students forget they’re even doing mathematics.”
Pierre Frachebourg, High School Mathematics Teacher, Switzerland
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